Setting up repository

1. Click on the green code button and clone with HTTPS link
2. Open up your dev environment and navigate to git (TERMINAL)
   *In Visual Studio Code, you can access it by going to the Terminal in the upper nav bar
   *Terminal(Nav Bar) -> New Terminal -> Git(should be chosen by default)
3. If you are comfortable using terminal:
   * cd into desired location for repository
    * enter "cd [copied file path]"
   * use file explorer to navigate to desired location and copy the path
    * enter "copied file path" in explorer's search bar
4. Run " git clone [HTTPS link from step 1]"
5. Open the clone repository in your dev environment 
   * If you are using VSC,
      File(Nav Bar) -> Open Folder -> [open where you copied the file path in step 3] -> java_website
6. Run instructions for Project Setup and Compile

Project setup

1. Open your repository location 
2. Run "npm install"


1. Run "npm run serve"
2. Open localhost8080

Compiles and minifies for production

npm run build

Lints and fixes files

npm run lint

Customize configuration

See Configuration Reference.